Internships and Independent Studies

Designated by the course numbers 290 and 390 in the curriculum and carrying 1 – 4 credits, internships provide students with part-time involvement in public and private agencies while they are enrolled at Guilford. Internships are open to students who have accumulated 24 or more credits and who have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.5. 

A student may apply a maximum of 12 credits obtained through internships to her/his degree requirements. Internships cannot, however, be used to satisfy general education requirements.

Independent Study
Academic departments offer independent study opportunities under the 260, 360 and 460 course numbers. The success of such independent work depends in large measure on the student’s initiative in shaping the terms of the investigation and her/his reliability in carrying out commitments.

A descriptive proposal of the project must be approved by the supervising instructor and the chairperson of the department. It is understood that the subject of the independent study must be supervised by someone in the department most relevant for that subject. The proposal must set forth the subject, scope, method and materials to be used during the project. It also must indicate the evaluation procedures agreed upon by the student and the supervisor. When the instructor and the chairperson have indicated their approval by signing the proposal, the student should take a copy of the proposal to the Registrar’s Office. The instructor agreeing to supervise an independent study is expected to be available for consultation while the project continues.

First-year students are not allowed to do independent studies. Further, no student may register for more than two independent studies or more than eight credits of such work in a single semester; also, independent studies cannot be used to satisfy general education requirements.

Independent studies normally carry 1-4 credits.