Math and Business Math Placement

Math Placement 

Math placement (what it looks like in the new curriculum, how to figure out what math class you are ready for/need, etc.)

[NOTE: This element is still in progress.]

Business Math Refresher & Test

Taking and passing the online business math refresher is required as a prerequisite to take BUS 332, BUS 347, ACCT 301, ACCT 302, and ACCT 303.

The online Business Math Refresher ( is self-paced and can be taken from most PCs with internet access.  The course begins with an initial assessment of approximately 28 questions and takes about 2 hours.  The initial assessment identifies those areas in which you need to be refreshed and will open to students in tutorials.

Students must pay for the access code (up to $75 depending on your choice of weeks of access) during the registration process. On average students are able to complete 80% of the topics by spending 15 - 20 hours in the tutorial. 

Once students have completed at least 80% of the topics, they are ready to take a proctored assessment at the college. This assessment is identical in format to the assessments in the online course. The passing score on the proctored assessment is 75%.