The Guilford College Art Gallery

Incorporated into Hege Library as a distinctive aspect of the 1989 addition, the Art Gallery supports the academic endeavors of the College by enhancing critical thinking and visual acuity, promoting awareness of diverse cultures, fostering interdisciplinary studies, and cultivating social justice through rotating exhibitions, educational programming, and the stewardship of the College’s permanent collection of fine art. Spanning more than 4000 years and five continents, this distinctive collection includes more than 1700 original works of art by more than 750 artists.

The collections serve as a primary source of knowledge, inquiry, and inspiration for use by students and the community at large. While 20th century American art is predominant, the collection also includes internationally renowned artists such as Rembrandt, Picasso, and Dalí; works from the Renaissance and Baroque periods; an impressive selection of contemporary Polish etchings and engravings; a number of works by Josef and Anni Albers and related archival material; and a significant collection of traditional Central and West African masks, sculptures, tools and textiles.

In addition, the Gallery serves as a training ground for student workers interested in pursuing a career in gallery administration or other museum-related fields. Students assist in the installation and de-installation of exhibitions, publicity and social media announcements, and collections management activities.