Criminal Justice Major

Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice

To earn the M.S. in criminal justice, students must complete 40 credit hours through a combination of required and elective courses, detailed below.

Required Courses

JPS 600Foundations of Crim. Justice4
JPS 601Advanced Research Methods4
JPS 602Problem-Solving CJ4
JPS 603Crime, Justice and Community4
Thesis or Problem-Solving Track8
Elective Courses16
Total Credits40

Thesis Track

JPS 650Thesis Preparation4
JPS 651Thesis4
Total Credits8

Problem-Solving Track

Elective Courses

Crime and Policy

JPS 510Criminological Theory4
JPS 511Cybercrime4
JPS 512Environmental Crime4
JPS 513Law and Social Science4
JPS 514Race, Class, Gender and Criminal Justice4
JPS 515Public Policy4


JPS 520Theories of Punishment4
JPS 521Corrections & Incarceration4
JPS 522Current Issues in Corrections4

Law and Courts

JPS 530Legal Theory4
JPS 531Advanced Criminal Procedure4
JPS 532Prosecution and Trial4
JPS 533Current Issues in Courts4


JPS 540Advanced Policing4
JPS 541Police Theory4
JPS 542Current Issues in Policing4
JPS 545Police Brutality and Culture (JPS 445)4

Independent Study and Special Topics

JPS 5984
JPS 5994