Resolution of Student Conduct Violations

Depending upon the nature of the violation, the following methods of adjudication will be utilized to resolve allegations:

Informal Resolution

In some instances, incidents and/or allegations are most appropriately resolved in a manner not resulting in formal student conduct charges. Ways of resolution may include meeting with representative from Residential Education and Housing, meeting with the Director of Counseling Services, and/or other faculty/staff or other campus or off-campus resources as appropriate.

Formal Resolution

Student conduct and administrative hearings may be used to adjudicate any level violation and are administered by a Student Affairs staff member. In cases where separation from the College is a likely outcome, two members of the staff will be involved in hearing the case and the Dean of Students or the Dean’s designee hears the appeals. For suspension-level cases, students will be referred to a student conduct advisor prior to the hearing. In cases of sexual misconduct, both the reporting student and the student with pending charges will have the option to receive the support and assistance of a student conduct advisor.