Communications Minor

The communications minor is open to students of any major. It offers a group of courses from various departments designed to give students a broad introduction to the general area of communications. The minor is concerned with broad social, moral and philosophical issues, as well as with the improvement of communication skills.

This minor should be considered as a core of courses that could be extended in a more focused way through additional courses, independent study and internships. Students interested in public relations or advertising, for instance, could take additional courses in art and management while majoring in English. They also could learn practical skills through involvement with College media (such as the radio station or the various publications) and arrange internships with local advertising agencies, newspapers, radio or television stations.

The minor should be particularly useful to people considering careers in any field of communications (for example, newspapers, radio or television) or business management. The minor, however, should be worthwhile in general for any student, enhancing her or his college performance and making a useful offering on a transcript for job applications in many fields.


Minor Requirements

The minor requires a minimum of 16 credit hours (four courses).

PSY 241Mass Media4
Select three of the following:12
Professional Communications
Marketing Management
Guilfordian Internship
Interpersonal Communications (PSY 270)
Roots Music in the U.S: Blues, R&B, Soul, & Rock and Roll
WQFS Practicum
Psychology of Language
Religion in the New Media
Race and Gender in Media Focus
Popular Culture and Media Studies
Masterpieces of the Cinema I
Queer Cinema
Artistry in Film
Any 290/390 Internship approved by minor coordinator
Total Credits16

Total credit hours required for communications minor is 16 credits