The Guilford College Curriculum

The Curriculum Consists of Three Required Components




Students must complete specific requirements in each of these three components. The general education requirements consist of the Critical Bases component and the Explore: Initiate course of the Collaborative Quest component. Guilford College’s general education requirements are supported by six general education learning outcomes, under which students will

  1. Communicate effectively with others using listening, speaking, and writing.
  2. Organize and analyze quantitative and qualitative information.
  3. Interpret problems and solutions using a broad range of knowledge and disciplines.
  4. Think creatively and critically using evidence, questioning assumptions and generating integrative solutions.
  5. Discern their roles and responsibilities beyond themselves through reflection on Guilford’s core values of community, diversity, equality, excellence, integrity, justice & stewardship.
  6. Demonstrates responsible civic and global engagement beyond Guilford College

General education learning outcomes are also addressed in the Collaborative Quest component. Students require a minimum of 124 credit hours for graduation, so the remaining courses a student takes may either count as electives or toward a minor or second major.

Students who expect to study abroad or who plan to spend a semester off-campus in an internship program should plan ahead carefully to fulfill requirements.

Some courses may fulfill multiple requirements between the Critical Bases, the Collaborative Quest (CQ), and a student’s major or minor requirements. As students and their advising team develop a course of study, they will consider and explain how courses support the student’s overall educational goals. Each student will incorporate the plan of study and justification into their Collaborative Quest.