The Academic Program: An Overview and Introduction

Guilford stresses breadth and rigor in its academic program. As a Quaker-founded College, it offers an educational experience that emphasizes the study of human values and the inter-relatedness of the world’s knowledge and cultures.

The curriculum prescribes for all students a basic framework from which they choose courses. This framework consists of a set of general education requirements and completion of at least one major and one minor.

Guilford also supports students in creating individualized programs and in selecting studies which will best contribute to their own development and interests. Faculty advisors readily assist students in exploring their interests and abilities and in relating their courses of study to future plans.

Students with varied talents and aims may profit from different methods of instruction. Guilford deliberately offers a selection of educational experiences: courses combining lectures with discussion or laboratory; seminars demanding more direct participation by the student; and opportunities for independent study.

The College encourages off-campus learning and study abroad, and advisors help students design internships in the community as a way of relating study and work experiences.