Message from the President

Dear Students:

On assuming the presidency of Guilford College, I was thrilled to become part of a campus community of authentic, brilliant, dedicated and enthusiastic people. I invite you to join us.

As our Strategic Plan lays out, we work together to afford “a transformative, practical and excellent liberal arts education that produces critical thinkers in an inclusive, diverse environment.” We are guided in this mission “by Quaker testimonies of community, equality, integrity, peace and simplicity.” Finally, a Guilford education emphasizes “the creative problem-solving skills, experience, enthusiasm and international perspectives necessary to promote positive change in the world.”

Our Quaker heritage and longstanding commitments to undergraduate teaching, social justice and seven Core Values set Guilford apart from other small liberal arts colleges. These Core Values—community, diversity, equality, excellence, integrity, justice and stewardship—infuse every aspect of life and work on campus, how we interact with each other and how we relate to the surrounding community and environment.

Guilford is a “making a difference” college and one that has been “changing lives” for over 175 years. Students come here to get equipped to make a positive difference in the world. We consciously foster this learning with a primary emphasis on teaching. An outstanding faculty strives for excellence in teaching and creating a mentoring relationship with students. Indeed, students and alumni often cite the quality of the student-teacher connection as a key factor in their choosing to come here and in remaining devoted to their alma mater.

Another distinction of the Guilford experience is our longstanding commitment to principled problem solving, through which students learn to contribute creative solutions to real-life problems in the local, national and world community in which we live. Excellence in teaching, principled problem solving, and an emphasis on experiential and interdisciplinary learning all combine to make a Guilford education one based on practical liberal arts.

Since its founding in 1837, the College has been transforming lives and making a positive difference in the world. I encourage you to consider whether Guilford would be a good fit for you. Exploring our website,, or speaking with a representative of our Office of Admission or Continuing Education will help inform your decision. I wish you success in finding the college that suits you best, and should it be Guilford, I look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful campus and vibrant community.


Jane Kelleher Fernandes