I. Overview

Guided Discovery

Guided Discovery is Guilford’s centralized advising center that offers holistic advising for all students. It is an integrated academic and career advising program which is staffed by academic-focused Guides and career-focused Guides. Before they begin their first semester, every first year student is assigned both an Academic Guide--who serves as their primary academic advisor for two years, and a Career Guide--who remains with the student for all four years. These assignments are determined by their choice of Pathway (see section ii). 

Students who come to Guilford with transfer credits and who are not first year students can choose to take Initiate and RS1, but are eligible to begin the sequence in RS2 instead. Students who begin in RS2 will be assigned to the transfer specialist Guide, Amy Holmes.

Guided Discovery offers services in:

  • Exploration of strengths, interests, majors and careers
  • Course registration
  • Connections with faculty and staff across campus
  • Referrals to campus resources
  • Wellness and self-care
  • Internships
  • Connections to experiential learning opportunities
  • Coaching for graduate school/job preparation
  • Guidance with job searches, cover letters and resumes 
  • Job shadowing opportunities
  • Connections with alumni and community partners