Guided Discovery Advising Structure

Academic Guides:
Every first year student will be assigned an Academic Guide who will typically serve as their primary academic advisor for the first two years. [NOTE: Guided Discovery is working on the process that takes place when a student's major change results in a Pathway change. TAAG is working on transition from Guide to Faculty as primary advisor. Additional details will be added when they become available.]

In Reflection Seminar 2, which is taken in most students’ fourth semester, the instructor will help students connect with the faculty advisor in their major who will take over as their primary academic advisor by the end of their 2nd year. 

The Academic Guide will remain on the student’s success team as a secondary advisor.

Career Guides:
Every incoming student will also be assigned a Career Guide in their Pathway as a secondary advisor. Career Guides will reach out regularly to students in their Pathway to schedule one-on-one meetings as well as with news about various career discernment programs and events.

A student’s Career Guide will remain the same during their time at Guilford. If a student makes a Pathway change, the Career Guide in their new Pathway will take over.