Organizational Communication

Hollyce “Sherry” Giles, Department of Justice and Policy Studies

This minor provides substantive interdisciplinary focus on communication processes and systems that operate in organizations of all kinds and affect the performance of functional units and their employees with a vital impact on organizational outcomes, employee morale and teamwork. Research indicates that specific knowledge of internal and external communication processes is important for managers and employees at all levels. Courses in the minor draw upon theory and research from several social sciences with multiple practical applications to organizational communication and resource management.

Students choosing this minor will give sustained attention to the direct and indirect ways in which communication processes and social dynamics affect organizations and employee interaction. They will learn how to adapt communication approaches for colleagues, supervisors and interdependent work teams. This minor will have particular relevance for managers working in large and small organizations, including volunteer and non-profit groups, government agencies, law enforcement, social and health services, small businesses and large corporations. Students will gain greater understanding of organizational structures and communication processes and learn to be more effective as individuals, managers and members of work groups.

Minor Requirements

The minor requires a minimum of 16 credit hours (four courses).

JPS 240Group Dynamics and Leadership4
JPS 2714
JPS 323Diversity at Work4
PSY 332Industrial and Organizational Psychology4
Total Credits16

Total credit hours required for organizational communication minor is 16 credits

Students pursuing this minor must write one paper of six pages in length in each of the four courses. Each paper will fulfill a course assignment and also provide coherence by demonstrating how key constructs and processes of organizational communication apply to the content and processes of the specific course.

Note: This minor will be offered only in the evening schedule for CE students.