Lake and Woods Policies

The Guilford woods and lake are preserved and maintained for the enjoyment of the campus and wider Guilford communities. In order to ensure safety for individuals and the integrity of the natural resources, there must be some guidelines for use of the area. Any gathering at the lake (cookouts, use of the fire pit etc.) must be scheduled through the Office of Conferences and Events. Bonfires are allowed only in the “burn pit” located next to the lake on Nathan Hunt Road and only when the proper permissions and permits are obtained (see Bonfire Policy). No fire is permitted anywhere else on the property, including the woods and meadows. We ask that motorized vehicles be kept off the paths and grassy areas and pets must be leashed at all times. For safety reasons, neither swimming in the lake nor camping anywhere on the property are permitted. Aligning with the policy regarding public display of alcoholic beverages on campus, no alcohol or drug usage is permitted in the woods or lake area.