Point System & Sanctions

Guilford College uses a point system as one of the sanctions for violations of the student code of conduct. The intent of this system is to address violations which affect individuals and/or the Guilford community, as well as create a clear measure against which students may choose to evaluate their behavioral choices. 

All violations are assigned points, as outlined below. Once a student is found responsible for a violation, points will be assigned accordingly along with educational sanctions designed to address issues and provide support for the student. Multiple violations will result in multiple points being assigned for any given case. 

For example: if a student has consumed alcohol while underage and refused to turn over their ID or give their name to a staff member, they would accumulate points for the Underage Use violation and points for a Failure to Comply violation. 


  • A cap of 10 points is permitted for all students. If a student has been found responsible for a violation that puts them at or over the 10-point limit, they will likely be suspended. 
  • For each semester a student has not been found in violation and sanctioned points, two (2) points will be removed from the cumulative point total of a particular student until the total of 0 (zero) is reached. For example, if a student has eight (8) points, it would take four consecutive semesters of no additional points to return to 0 (zero) points.
  • The points assigned to each violation for which a student is found responsible during the student conduct process is outlined in the student handbook. 
  • Where an accumulation of points could potentially lead to suspension, the case will be heard through an administrative hearing.
  • Students suspended due to accumulation of points and who are readmitted to Guilford may return with a prescribed amount of points from the Readmission Committee.


While the finding of responsibility is determined only based on the actual facts of the incident, the sanctioning takes into consideration a number of factors including:

  • what the student was actually found responsible for,
  • who was impacted by the choices the student made and what might need to happen to repair any harm done,
  • what kinds of support the student might need at that point in their time at Guilford,
  • advancing the student’s education and providing an opportunity to give something back to the community in the form of service,
  • addressing any substance use,
  • any previous violations and
  • assigned sanctions.

Suspension/dismissal at Guilford

If a student is suspended, the student will be eligible to apply for readmission at a date determined by the hearing officers in the sanctioning process, and after meeting conditions such as demonstrated understanding of wrongful conduct, expression of remorse, and documentation from professionals regarding potential to return and remain a student in good standing. Readmission is not guaranteed. A committee reviews applications for readmission and makes the final decision about whether a suspended or dismissed student is authorized for readmission. In making the decision, the committee will accept and hear comments from the Dean.  At the time of suspension, students are given 24 hours to remove themselves and their belongings from campus housing. Students are expected to take care of financial and academic matters as well as personal belongings during that time. Suspended students are expected to refrain from returning to campus for any reason until such time as they are readmitted.  

Note: Students who are found responsible for a second drug violation in the same academic year (Fall to Spring or Spring to Fall) may be suspended regardless of the points for that semester because of the prior record. 

1-3 cumulative points

An email will be sent letting the student know they were documented, found responsible and any or all of the following sanctions have been applied to their record: appropriate points and educational sanctions such as the BASICS and/or AlcoholEdu for alcohol or substance violations ($75 fee charged to student account), fines as indicated by the violation(s), coach notification, and parental notification. 

Students will also be offered the opportunity to appeal the outcome of the case using the published guidelines.

Note: The Division of Student Affairs reserves the right to ask a student to meet with a hearing officer should there be sufficient concern regardless of the number of points.

4-6 cumulative points

Students will be scheduled for a student conduct hearing with any or all of the following sanctions applied: appropriate points, fines as indicated by the violation(s), coach notification, parental notification, 5 hours of community engagement, BASICS and/or AlcoholEdu ($75 fee charged to student account) for alcohol or substance violations.

7-9 cumulative points

Students will be scheduled for a student conduct hearing with any or all of the following sanctions applied: appropriate points, any fines as indicated by the violation(s), coach notification, parental notification, 10 hours of community engagement. BASICS will be assigned for substance violations ($75 fee charged to student account), coach notification, behavioral contract, possible revocation of athletic team membership, and/or study abroad opportunities.

10 cumulative points

Students will be scheduled for a conduct hearing and sanctioning will be suspension or dismissal.

Violation (see descriptions in handbook) Points
Abuse/Bullying 2-5
Aggressive Behavior 2-10 (Suspension or Dismissal)
Bias-Motivated Incident 2-10 (Suspension or Dismissal)
Disruptive Conduct 2-10 (Suspension or Dismissal)
Disorderly Assembly 1-5
Endangering Health & Safety 1-2
Failure to Comply $50 fine, 1-5
Falsification of Information 1-2
Fire Safety $25-$500 fine, 2-10 (Suspension or Dismissal)
Harassment 2-10 (Suspension or Dismissal)
Hazing 2-10 (Suspension or Dismissal)
Host Responsibility 1-2
Littering 1
Misuse of ID 1
Noise 1
Pet Policy $200, 1-2
Property Damage Damage amount, 2- 8
Sexual Misconduct 3-10 (Suspension or Dismissal)
Substance Use (Alcohol and Other Drugs)
Abusive Use/Misconduct 1-3
Common Containers 1
Drinking Games 1-2
Drug (use/possession) 2-6
Drug (dealing/distributing) 10 (Suspension or Dismissal)
Public Display/Unconcealed 1
Purchase of Alcohol w/funds 2
Underage Use/Possession 1-2
Theft 2-10 (Suspension or Dismissal)
Unauthorized Entry, Use or Possession 1-2
Weapons 2-10 (Suspension or Dismissal)