The CE Student Body

Adult students select Guilford for a variety of reasons as the best choice for undergraduate education or the fulfilling of personal academic goals. Most CE students enroll because they wish to begin or complete an undergraduate degree in the liberal arts or selected applied professional areas to advance their careers, qualify for certain positions, prepare for examinations in particular fields or enrich personal knowledge and skills. Some CE students already have an undergraduate degree and wish to increase their professional competence or to expand skills and knowledge in new directions by adding a second bachelor’s degree or certification.

While the majority of adult students transfer credits from two- and four-year institutions and plan to complete degrees at Guilford, some have not yet attended college and plan to work on a degree program, earn a certificate of study, or take courses for personal enrichment.

CE students are enrolled in nearly every major offered at Guilford.

Criteria for Status

To qualify as a CE student, an individual must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Be 23 years old by the last day of the first term of enrollment at Guilford; or
  2. Hold a baccalaureate degree from an approved accredited institution.