Tuition and Fees (CE)

Continuing Education 

Fee Amount
Tuition per Credit $440
Tuition per Credit (Graduate Program) $630
Tuition per Credit (Pre-Health Post Baccalaureate Program) $530
College Fee $180
Student Activity Fee (includes Student Government Association, Learning Commons, and Career Services Center) $190
Application Fee $25
Duplicate Diploma Fee $50
Athletic Facilities Usage Fee $30
Returned Check Charge $25
Duplicate ID Charge $25
Fee for Late Cancellation of Registration $250
Audit Tuition (per credit) $110
Senior Citizen Audit Fee (per course) $50
Transcript Processing Fee $10
Transcript Processing Fee (On-Demand, Immediate Processing) $20

Special Course Fees

(Subject to change)

Fee Amount
Modern Dance I $90
Modern Dance II $110
Education 440 (student teaching) $120
Education 440 (student teaching for two teachers) $150
Music Fees-Guilford; one half-hour lesson per week $325
Music Fees-Guilford; one one-hour lesson per week $650
Piano Class $150
Computer Security Course Fee $90
Inter Networking Computer $50
Guitar Class $150
Voice Class $170
African Drumming Class Fee $150
First Aid & CPR Course Fee $35