Explanation of Fees

Student Activity Fee

The student activity fee is charged to all students and administered by the CE student government to cover the budget of activities, special events and publications. It also contributes to the support of the Learning Commons and Career Services Center providing access and benefits to all CE students.

ID Replacement Charge

Guilford has a permanent ID card system. If your ID has been lost or damaged beyond use, there is a $25 replacement fee.

Returned Check Charge

Returned checks will be re-deposited one time unless we are notified otherwise. A $25 handling charge will be added to the student’s account each time a check is returned because of insufficient funds or other reasons. This is applicable to all checks written to Guilford College.

Veterans should see the VA service representative in the Office of Registrar and Student Accounts. Veterans who do not plan to pay in full by the due date may set up a payment plan with TouchNet. See “Payment by monthly payment plans” above.