African Studies

Karen M. Tinsley, Professor of Psychology, Chair

This minor offers an interdisciplinary approach to the cultures, history and current issues challenging peoples on the African continent, with emphasis on the sub-Saharan region. Its goals are that students will acquire a basic understanding of some portion of Africa’s history and some understanding of African perspectives, values and contributions to the world.


Minor Requirements

The minor requires a minimum of 16 credit hours (four courses).

SOAN 358African Cultures in Film4
Select one of the following:4
Africa Since 1800
African Government and Politics
Select two of the following:8
African Women Writers
French-Speaking Africa, in English Translation
The Francophone World
Africa Before 1800
Africa Since 1800
Gender & Development in Africa
African Government and Politics
Culture & Sexuality in Africa
African Families in Transition
Total Credits16

Total credit hours required for African studies minor is 16 credits.