Experience Design (XD)

XD 220.  Experience Design.  4.  

Experience design (XD) combines knowledge and skills from many disciplines to craft products and services that fulfill user?s needs and designers. Students will learn fundamental design principles of products, services and experiences to evaluate existing user experiences. Creating user-centered design requires the application of design constraints, affordances, visibility and feedback to create effective product and interface designs. Furthermore, user experience integrates perspectives from product and interface design, usability research, interaction design and others. Fulfills arts requirement (1998). Arts/humanities requirement (2019).

XD 221.  Seminar in Experience Design.  2.  

Students in this course will apply and extend their XD knowledge through the development of practical projects. This course consists of discussion, presentations from external speakers, and student presentations. This course may be repeated twice for credit; however, students will be required to develop different projects for each enrollment. Prerequisites/Corequisites: XD 220 Experience Design.

XD 250.  Special Topics.  1-16.  
XD 260.  Independent Study.  1-8.  
XD 290.  Internship.  1-4.  
XD 320.  Intermediate Experience Design.  4.  

The experience design (XD) lifecycle is a continuous process of inquiry, research, design and prototyping to create engaging experiences. In this course, students build upon user-centered design principles and delve deeper into specific issues relating to experience design, including user and usability research, interface design, and interaction design. Students will develop a design and prototype for a new or existing experience.

Prerequisite: XD 220, Experience Design
XD 390.  Internship.  1-4.  

A combined on-the-job and academic experience arranged with an organization, business, individual, or campus office. Internships are supervised by a faculty member associated with the Experience Design program and can be coordinated through the Career Development Center. Recommended for juniors and seniors. May be repeated for credit. A total of 4-credits of Internship required.

XD 420.  Experience Design Capstone.  4.  

The course requires students to synthesize their cumulative learning experiences in multiple disciplines and apply them in positions of major responsibility within the practical context of an internship or project designing and implementing a physical, digital and/or live experience. The work requires students to articulate a philosophy, assess the skills they bring to the work, set goals and objectives, maintain ongoing documentation of research and work before and during the internship/project, and assess their processes and accomplishments following completion.

Prerequisite: XD 320 Intermediate Experience Design and at least two credits of XD 221 Seminar in Experience Design.