Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies (WGSS)

WGSS 110.  Introduction to Women's Gender Sexuality Studies.  4.  

WoC. This course will acquaint students with some of the basic questions, concepts and problematic issues that drive WGSS scholars, as well as the historical, political and social contexts in which these concerns and the various answers to them have arisen. Students in this class plan and produce a community education experience. Fulfills diversity in the U.S. requirement. Fulfills diversity in the U.S. requirement (1998). Sociocultural engagement requirement (2019).

WGSS 150.  Special Topics.  1-8. 
May also be offered at 250, 350 and 450

WGSS 250.  Special Topics.  1-8.  
WGSS 260.  Independent Study.  1-8. 
May also be offered at 360 and 460 levels
WGSS 290.  Internship.  1-8. 
May also be offered at 290 level.
WGSS 350.  Special Topics.  1-8.  
WGSS 360.  Independent Study.  1-8.  
WGSS 375.  Feminist Theory and Methodology.  4. 
WoC. Intense engagement with interdisciplinary, transformative work in feminist theory and implications for methodologies that promote liberatory goals. Topics drawn from a range of feminisms, including Black Feminist Theory, Transnational Feminist Theory, and Queer Theory.
Prerequiste: WGSS 110 and at least one other course listed for WGSS (or instructor approval).
WGSS 390.  Internship.  1-8.  
WGSS 399.  Practicum.  4. 
Students produce individualized, culminating projects for their WGSS major, with applications for problem solving related to gender/sexuality oppression. This project may consist of a theoretical analysis, an empirical research project, and/or community engagement. Students present their work to the community at an academic engagement conference.
Prerequiste: WGSS 375, including satisfactory completion of project proposal.
WGSS 401.  Interdisciplinary Senior Seminar.  4.  

This seminar focuses on particular issues or problems related to gender/ sexuality. Topics vary with sections and instructor.

Prerequiste: WGSS 110, a total of at least 88 credits completed; WGSS 375 must be completed beforehand or concurrently.
WGSS 450.  Special Topics.  1-8.  
WGSS 460.  Independent Study.  1-8.  
WGSS 470.  Senior Thesis.  1-8.  

WGSS 490.  Departmental Honors.  1-8.