Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Major

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Specific Course Requirements

30 credits minimum. Students complete four core courses (WGSS 110, WGSS 375, WGSS 399, WGSS 401) ideally beginning with WGSS 110; and at least 14 credits of approved electives, including at least one course offered through an Arts or Humanities department and one course offered through a Social Sciences department. Up to 8 credits may be earned through independent study, thesis, and/or internship. Three of a student’s courses must be designated WoC (Women of Color).

WGSS 110Introduction to Women's Gender Sexuality Studies4
WGSS 375Feminist Theory and Methodology4
WGSS 399Practicum4
WGSS 401Interdisciplinary Senior Seminar4
Four electives from designated course listings 116
Total Credits32


Arts & Humanities

ART 302Art History: Identity, Race and Gender in Art4
ENGL 334African Women Writers4
ENGL 400Senior Seminar4
FREN 275French-Speaking Africa, in English Translation4
HIST 268Gender and Sexuality in Chinese History4
JAPN 220Women in Modern Japan4
PHIL 231Philosophy and Sexuality4
PHIL 232Philosophy and Gender4
PHIL 336Social and Political Philosophy4
REL 122Men, Masculinities and Religions4
REL 222Feminist Theologies4
REL 225Religion, Bodies, and Sexualities4
REL 317Women in Tibetan Buddhism4
THEA 262Gay and Lesbian Cinema4

Social Sciences

PSCI 305Politics of Gender4
PSY 351Psychology and Gender4
PSY 351Psychology and Gender4
SOAN 234Culture & Sexuality in Africa4
SOAN 267Race and Gender in Media Focus4
SOAN 313Sociology of Sex and Gender4
SOAN 323Gender Health and Illness4
SOAN 416Gender and Sociology of the Body4
SOAN 430Inequality in Latin America4
SOAN 432Women of Color in the United States4


IDS 415Understanding Eating Disorder4
IDS 418Science, Sex and Nature4
IDS 421Border Crossings4
IDS 481Notions of Beauty in 20th Century Culture, Art & Fiction4
IDS 485Arab and Islamic Feminisms4