Forensic Science

Bryan W. Brendley, Department of Biology

The minor in forensic science provides students with a focused and coherent study of the techniques used by various disciplines to analyze evidence found at the scene of a crime. The focus is on the meaning and significance of physical evidence and its role in criminal investigations. Techniques and insights provided by the scientific areas of chemistry, biology, physics and geology are used to explore the utility and limitations that technology and knowledge impose on the individualization and characterization of forensic evidence.

The study of forensics makes science relevant and pertinent to the interests and goals of pre-law students and those interested in pursuing careers with the FBI or other law enforcement agencies, in pathology, in creative writing or with international agencies monitoring ethnic and political violence.

The minor in forensic science is not available to forensic biology majors.

Minor Requirements

The minor requires a minimum of 16 credit hours (four courses).

BIOL 245Introduction to Forensic Science4
JPS 200Criminal Procedure4
BIOL 449Forensic Anthropology4
Total Credits12

Total credit hours required for forensic science minor is 16 credits