Business Administration Major

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration

Major Requirements for B.S. Degree in Business Administration

The Business Major Requires 14 courses (minimum of 48 credits) and successful completion of the Business Math Test.

Four Supporting Courses (12-16 credits)
MATH 112Elementary Statistics4
ACCT 201Introduction to Accounting4
ECON 222Microeconomic Principles: Public Policy4
BUS 243Management Information Systems (CTIS 243)4
Three Foundation Courses (9-12 credits)
BUS 215Business Law and Legal Environment4
BUS 246International Business4
BUS 249Principles of Management4
Four Advanced Courses (16 credits)
BUS 301Business Communication and Professional Development
BUS 324Marketing Management4
BUS 332Financial Management4
BUS 347Production and Operations Management
Select One BUS Prefix Elective/Experiential Course (3-4 credits)
Non BUS prefix courses that are related to the major may be used with Department Chair approval.
Two Capstone Experience Courses (8 credits)
BUS 449Policy Formulation and Strategy4
BUS 402Business Ethics (IDS 402)4
Total Credits47-56
Variable credit totals are due to the possibility of satisfying requirements below the 300 level with three credit transfer courses.

Total required for B.S. degree in business administration – 14 courses (minimum of 47 credits)

Basic Math and Computer Literacy Skills

Basic math and computer literacy skills: Students in the program are expected to enter with basic math and computer literacy skills.

Students may demonstrate basic math skills in one of the following ways: Math SAT score of 650 or higher, Calculus AP Exam score of 4 or higher, or passing a business math test offered by the business department with a score of 75% or higher. Students are required to pass the business math test even if they transfer in a college-level math course. For a fee students may take an online refresher course combined with the business math test. Although it is expected that most students will be able to pass the test with the online refresher course. Contact the department chair for the registration directions and further information about the business math test.

Many aspects of the business administration major must be completed sequentially.

NOTE: business administration majors may not count courses taken at other institutions to satisfy their BUS 300 or 400-level requirements unless approved by the department chair.