Sustainable Food Systems Major

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable food systems is an interdisciplinary major. The major requires a minimum of 43 credit hours.

SFS 120Introduction to Food Systems4
SFS 220Sustainable Regional Food4
SFS 110Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture2
SFS 410Advanced Practicum Sustainable Food Systems1-5
Required off-campus internship or study abroad at approved program4
Skills courses or additional skills-based internship4
Electives chosen in consultation with advisor20
Total Credits39-43

Total credits hours required for A.B. degree in sustainable food systems is 43 credits

Study Abroad and Internships

The sustainable food systems major has identified a number of study abroad programs that provide coursework and co- curricular experiences appropriate and supportive of the learning outcomes for our program. The Guilford College faculty regularly lead a group of Guilford students to Castle Brunnenburg in the Italian Alps where students learn about agriculture in alpine settings and the history of food systems and the culture supporting it; students also work on the castle farm and vineyards through weekly workdays. The International Sustainable Development Studies Institute in Thailand is a Guilford-affiliated program where students can learn about sustainable food systems in communities from the mountains to the coast of Thailand. Students should consult with their departmental adviser in determining which study abroad program best meets their goals.

Students may also fulfill this requirement through an off-campus internship with several community partner groups working to address challenges in local and regional food systems here in the Triad.


Elective Courses

Students will work with their advisor to select a coherent group of elective courses, based on their interests. Examples of focus areas include food production, food enterprises, food justice, food advocacy, food policy, food economics, food education, food psychology, food and health, and more.

Students may select from the following courses:
ACCT 201Introduction to Accounting4
BIOL 201Intro Biol: Form and Function4
BIOL 202Intro Biol: Ecol and Evolution4
BIOL 215General Botany4
BIOL 224Field Botany4
BIOL 315Microbiology4
BIOL 438General Ecology4
BUS 120Introduction to Business4
BUS 324Marketing Management4
BUS 381Entrepreneurship4
CHEM 115Chemistry of Food and Cooking4
ECON 222Microeconomic Principles: Public Policy4
ECON 342Poverty, Power and Policy4
ECON 344Environmental and Resource Economics4
GEOL 190Terroir: The Science of Wine4
GEOL 223Hydrology4
JPS 103Community Problem Solving4
JPS 220Community Building and Organizing4
PECS 236Conflict Transformation for Peacebuilding and Justice (JPS 236)4
PHIL 242Environmental Ethics4
PSCI 319Modern Environmental Problems4
PPS 211Change, Innovation and Impact4
ENVS 101Environmental Science, Policy and Thought: Introduction to Environmental Studies4
SFS 470Senior Thesis4