Sustainable Food Systems Major

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sustainable Food Systems

The major requires a minimum of 34 credit hours (nine courses).

SFS 110Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture4
SFS 120Introduction to Food Systems4
SFS 210Liberal Artisans Skills4
ENVS 380Inquiry and Practice in Environmental and Sustainability Studies4
SFS 410Senior Capstone4
Approved off-campus internship or study abroad program4
Three electives from the list below, including at least two SFS courses12
Total Credits36

Total credits hours required for A.B. degree in sustainable food systems is 34 credits, although most students will earn more credits as they complete the nine courses required for the major.

Elective Courses

Students may select from the following courses:

BIOL 215General Botany4
BIOL 224Field Botany4
BIOL 438General Ecology4
CHEM 115Chemistry of Food and Cooking4
ECON 344Environmental and Resource Economics4
ENVS 101Environment and Society
GEOL 190Terroir: The Science of Wine4
GEOL 223Hydrology4
PHIL 242Environmental Ethics4
PSCI 319Modern Environmental Problems4
SFS 220Sustainable Regional Food4