Asian Studies

Hiroko Hirakawa, Department of Modern Language Studies

This minor offers an interdisciplinary approach to the culture, history and contemporary issues of the area. Acquaintance with a diverse cultural tradition broadens students’ perspectives and helps them appreciate the achievements of societies with different values and behavioral patterns. In so doing, the minor helps students better understand their own culture and fosters a critical understanding of global interdependence in the 21st century.

Minor Requirements

The minor requires a minimum of 16 credit hours (four courses).

Select four of the the following (at least one course must be at the 300 level or above):16
Asia Pacific in Modern Times
History of East Asia to 1800
Modern China in Film
Gender and Sexuality in Chinese History
Silk & Silver: Imperial China
China in Revolution
Samurai in Word and Image
Japan: Road to War
Intermediate Japanese II
Women in Modern Japan
Contemporary Japanese Society
Media, Gender and Nation in Japan
East Asian Politics
Asia and the World
Chinese Politics
China and the World
Spread of Buddhism Across Asia
Buddhist Emptiness
Total Credits16