Mathematics for the Sciences Minor

Benjamin Marlin, Department of Mathematics

Mathematics is often called the language of the sciences. As such it provides a means by which scientists model that which they observe in the “worlds” they seek to describe and those simulated in their laboratory experiments. A primary means of such modeling is through the use of elementary functions whose analysis is a major focus of calculus.

Mathematics for the sciences is a minor within mathematics itself that provides students with the understanding of and techniques for modeling using the elementary functions and techniques of calculus. The minor is designed primarily for physics and other natural science majors who are interested in modeling or are preparing for graduate study. However, it is appropriate as well for some social science and business and policy study majors, especially those interested in economic systems.

The minor in mathematics for the sciences is not available to mathematics majors.

Minor Requirements

The minor requires a minimum of 16 credit hours (four courses).

MATH 224Cal III: Multivariable Calculus4
Select three of the following:12
Calculus I: Differential Calculus
Calculus II: Integral Calculus
Probability and Statistics
Linear Algebra
Seminar in Mathematics
Total Credits16

Total credit hours required for mathematics for the sciences minor is 16 credits