Peace and Conflict Studies Major

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies

The major requires a minimum of 32 credit hours (eight courses).

PECS 110Introduction to Peace & Conflict Studies4
PECS 236Conflict Transformation for Peacebuilding and Justice (JPS 236)4
or PECS 246 Mediation & Conflict Intervention
Two 300- or 400-level PECS courses 18
PECS 390Internship 24
PECS 465Senior Seminar4
Any two additional PECS courses or approved Interdisciplinary-elective courses 38
Total Credits32

Must be taken at Guilford.


Taken in the junior or senior year; builds on a student’s prior coursework and incorporates peace and conflict studies analysis with site work.


Offered by other departments and contribute to the global, social or personal/interpersonal levels of peace and conflict analysis.

Interdisciplinary-Elective Courses


HIST 238War and Peace: 20th-Century Europe, 1914-19994
HIST 255The Second World War4
IDS 435Understanding Poverty4
PHIL 249Pacifism and Just War Theory4
PSCI 103International Relations4
PSCI 275Asia and the World4
PSCI 305Politics of Gender4
PSCI 345Avoiding War, Making Peace4
PSCI 367Violence and Politics4
PSCI 391Globalization and Its Discontents4
SOAN 216HP:The Anthropology of Colonialism4


HIST 215The Civil Rights Movement4
HIST 308The Underground Railroad4
JPS 220Community Building and Organizing4


JPS 319Trust & Violence4
JPS 325Family Violence4

Total credit hours required for A.B. degree in peace and conflict studies is 32 credits