Political Science Minor

George Xueshi Guo, Department of Political Science

Minor Requirements

The minor requires a minimum of 14 credit hours (4 courses). It is expected that students will plan their course of study with an advisor in the department. Students are encouraged to select minors related to their special interests or career plans after graduation. It is highly recommended that at least one of these courses be at the 300 level or above to ensure depth.

Select two of the following:8
The American Political System
International Relations
Comparative Politics
Political Theory
Two PSCI electives, at least 1 of which must be the 300 level or above6-8

Total credit hours required for political science minor is 14 credits

In addition, students are required to write a reflective paper bringing together their diverse experiences in the minor. This reflective paper must be submitted to the Department of Political Science during the semester in which a student completes her or his final course for the minor. Department faculty will grade the reflective paper credit/no credit and a credit is necessary for successful completion of the minor. The minor in political science is not available to political science majors.