Public Health Minor

Required Courses

Core Courses 

  1. PBH 101: Introduction to Public Health

  2. PBH 201: Global Health 

Elective Courses

Two courses in a related discipline, approved by a Public Health academic advisor. One course must be at 200 level or higher, and the second course must be at 300 level or higher, and chosen from any of the electives listed under the three public health major tracks

Capstone/experiential requirement

Students will complete 0-4 credits of one of the following opportunities as a capstone project:

  1. Internship (390 in related discipline) (CR/NC)

  2. Approved Study abroad experience (CR/NC)

  3. Research Methods (quantitative or qualitative) or  Statistics (Letter grade)

  4. Contribution project completed in the minor (CR/NC) 

  5. Portfolio of work completed in the minor (CR/NC) 

Students interested in the Public Health minor should consult with an advisor to determine the choice of elective courses that best serves their interests and goals. The minor in Public Health is available to all majors except Public Health.