Theatre Studies Minor

David Hammond, Department of Theatre Studies

The Department of Theatre Studies offers two different minor tracks: the theatre arts track and the film and video track. The theatre arts track provides students with the opportunity to study an intensely collaborative art form from three perspectives:

  • design/technical;
  • history/literature; and
  • performance.

It explores the unique responsibilities carried by different members of the creative staff as they conceive and execute a theatrical production.

The theatre arts track is not available to theatre studies majors.

The film and video track serves students of any major who seek a serious exploration of film as an artistic medium. The track examines filmmaking as an important component of modern culture in the following aspects: a reflection of society, an artistic medium of the auteur and a medium of influence and social change.

The film and video track is available to theatre studies majors.

Minor Requirements

  • One course from each of the three perspectives areas listed below: 12 credits
  • One other 4-credit course with a THEA prefix (or the equivalent in 2-credit offerings). Ideally, this course should enhance the student’s understanding of their perspective area: 4 credits
  • One practicum assignment (THEA 295 Practicum, one to four hours) to be determined in a meeting with a theatre studies advisor. Options include stage management, properties management, costuming, lighting, publicity, sound, box office, house management, makeup and scenic art.

Theatre Arts Track

A minimum of 17 credit hours (five courses):

Select one of the following:4
Backstage Production
Introduction to Theatrical Design
Select one of the following:4
Theatre and Culture I
Theatre and Culture II
Play Analysis (ENGL215)
One Theatre course at any level4
THEA 295Practicum1-4
THEA 125Acting 1:Basic Tools4
Total Credits17-20

Total credit hours required for Theatre Arts Track minor is 17-20 credits

Film and Video Track

A minimum of 17 credit hours (five courses):

THEA 161Masterpieces of the Cinema I4
THEA 265Artistry in Film4
THEA 365Documentary Film Production4
Select one of the following:4
World Cinema
Classic American Cinema
Cult Movies
Shakespeare and Film
French and Francophone Cinema
Queer Cinema
THEA 295Practicum1
or THEA 366 Filmmaking Capstone
Total Credits17

Total credit hours required for film and Video Track minor is 17 credits.

Students will process the coherence of their minor experience in a formal “post-mortem” critique with the minor coordinator following the film festival.