Class Attendance

Individual faculty members and academic departments define individual requirements for their particular courses and publish these requirements in their syllabi. For asynchronous courses, the instructor determines the type of engagement that counts as required attendance for the course. Failure to meet such requirements may result in lowered grades or an involuntary withdrawal from a course and, if the last day to withdraw with a W has passed, a failing grade.

The College also grants an associate academic dean the right, following a consultation with the faculty member of record, to withdraw a student administratively from any course in which he or she has reached the number of absences listed below. In no way should students interpret these limits as acceptable or automatically allowable. Instead, they represent the point at which College policy authorizes administrative withdrawal; a student with this number of absences will have missed 20 percent of a given course, and fairness to other students dictates the administrative withdrawal.

Course Formats                                                                                                    Total absences resulting in Withdrawal

Term Date
3-WEEK SESSION (generally 16 meetings total) 3 absences
*one meeting per week 3 absences
*two meetings per week 6 absences
*three meetings per week 8 absences
SUMMER SCHOOL 4 absences
GRADUATE PROGRAM (one meeting per week, 15 weeks) 3 absences

Students in a support semester are allowed no unexcused absences unless approved by an associate academic dean. If administrative withdrawal occurs by the published last day to withdraw with a W grade, the student is awarded a grade of W. When withdrawal occurs later, the student is awarded either a WP (withdrawn passing) or WF (withdrawn failing) grade. A WP has no effect on the cumulative grade-point average, but a WF is calculated into the cumulative grade-point average as a zero. No tuition refunds will be granted for administrative withdrawals other than those allowable under published policies.

NOTE: Laboratory attendance is considered an essential part of science and language courses. Also, the success of classes using discussion techniques and seminars emphasizing student participation depends on regular attendance by the participants.

Registration Cancellation Policy. A student who has registered for one or more classes but has not attended any classes may request a complete registration cancellation through the last day to drop a course without a grade. A registration cancellation will delete the student’s entire schedule and no tuition is owed. The College does not allow registration cancellations after the last day to drop a course without a grade; after this date dropping all classes is considered a withdrawal (see “Withdrawal from the College” below).

To request a registration cancellation, students should contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs. CE students are not charged for registration cancellations completed before the first day of the official start of term; however, there is a $250 late fee for registration cancellations received the first day of the official start of term or later.