Degree Candidacy

Diplomas are dated at the time of degree completion (May, July or December). Commencement exercises are held in May.

One semester before expected graduation, each degree candidate must submit an online application for graduation to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office evaluates the candidate’s transcript and must approve the application, indicating that the student could complete all degree requirements at the end of the next semester. A student who fails to complete all degree requirements by the scheduled graduation date will not graduate as scheduled and must reapply for a later graduation date.

To receive a diploma, a student must have satisfied all academic requirements, must have cleared all outstanding accounts with the Office of Student Financial Services and must have no judicial action pending. A diploma will not be awarded to any student against whom unresolved judicial charges exist.

Diplomas are issued for the graduation date for which the student has applied and the student’s documented legal name will be on the diploma, listed in the graduation program, and read at graduation.

Once all requirements for graduation have been completed, students only are allowed to participate in the ceremony that applies to the graduation date for which they applied.

Teach Out Policy

When a degree or major/minor program is discontinued by Guilford, that degree or major/minor will continue to be awarded for a subsequent five-year period. All courses will be offered or Guilford will make arrangements for course substitutions to ensure students can graduate under a catalog when they are enrolled at Guilford.

Second Degrees

Any College graduate who desires an additional bachelor’s degree from Guilford must apply and register through Continuing Education.

To be awarded an additional degree, a student must complete, with an overall grade-point average of 2.0 or better, the following: a minimum of 32 credits beyond those used to fulfill the requirements for the first bachelor’s degree, all of which must be taken in residence at Guilford; all prescribed major requirements; and all of Guilford’s general education requirements. At least half the major courses must be completed at Guilford after completion of the first degree. General education requirements may be satisfied either by courses taken at Guilford or courses transferred from a prior institution.

When a Guilford graduate is awarded a second undergraduate degree from the College, notation of the new degree and the date it was awarded will be added to the permanent transcript. The general education requirements from the Guilford graduate’s first degree satisfy those for the second bachelor’s degree.

A student who has received a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution other than Guilford may receive a second degree from Guilford by fulfilling the conditions outlined above.

Posthumous Degree Policy

Requests for posthumous degrees may be considered under a policy administered by the Provost and Academic Dean of the College and confirmed by the faculty of the College.  Please contact Provost's Office for more information.