Guilford complies with the Principles of Excellence and is a Military Friendly School. To remain compliant with the North Carolina State Approving Agency each recipient of VA benefits must submit official transcripts from each prior college or university attended along with their official high school/GED transcript.

Veterans and dependents/spouses of veterans must maintain satisfactory academic progress to continue receiving educational benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). Guilford College must report a student’s support semester following a missed checkpoint to the DVA. Students may continue obtaining VA educational benefits in the support semester. However, missing the academic checkpoint at the conclusion of the support semester will result in the termination of VA educational benefits. Benefits may resume upon readmission following a minimum of one semester of separation from the College.

Summer Coursework

While summer coursework does not have any bearing on a student’s academic standing within the College, summer courses can impact VA educational benefits. If summer coursework results in student falling below an academic checkpoint for a second consecutive semester, education benefits are terminated until that checkpoint is met at the conclusion of the next semester of enrollment.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy for Students Called to Active Duty During a Semester

With a copy of their orders, students may withdraw for military reasons without academic penalty. If the student has paid for the term, they will receive a 100 percent refund, regardless of when they are withdrawn. If the student is receiving financial aid during the semester, the aid will be prorated and returned, based on the effective withdrawal date, according to federal and state regulations. Students will be accountable to the Department of Education and/or Guilford College for any outstanding balances.

Upon return, students will need to complete a readmission application but the fee will be waived if a copy of their orders is provided.