Transfer Credits

Guilford College accepts for transfer credit undergraduate courses from regionally accredited institutions, as long as the following criteria are met:

  • The grade earned is C- or higher
  • The course is similar to an existing Guilford course or otherwise compatible with Guilford’s curriculum

Courses to be applied to major, minor and general education requirements at Guilford must be approved by the appropriate chairperson, following the learning outcomes, course descriptions, and syllabi for both the proposed transfer course and the corresponding Guilford course or curriculum. The final evaluation of transfer of credits is approved by the registrar. All transferred credits will be listed on a student’s Guilford transcript.

Guilford accepts only credit transfers from other institutions, but the grades are not included in the calculation of a student's GPA. Please see the Grade Replacement Policy section of the Guilford College Catalog for more information and specific requirements. Students should consult with members of their advising teams to secure approval for transfer courses

There is no maximum on the number of credits transferred from regionally accredited four-year institutions. A maximum of 64 credits total may be transferred from regionally accredited two-year institutions.

Guilford does not award academic credit for courses completed at non-accredited educational institutions, for work taken on a non-credit basis, for job-related experience or for non-academic experiential learning. Guilford does not allow students to be enrolled at Guilford and another institution at the same time unless prior approval has been granted by the student’s advisor and department chair of course(s) to be taken.

Students with transcripts from non-U.S. institutions must request a World Education Services, Inc. ( evaluation.