Information Technology and Services

IT&S. IT&S maintains an infrastructure and capacity necessary to support the College’s educational, research, and public service programs. Located in the Bauman Telecommunications Center, IT&S centralizes campus network/wireless access services, e-mail support, Quaker Card issuance, and the cable television systems through its Help Desk. The Help Desk provides technical support for addressing campus computer hardware and software issues and also supports bulk standard printing services.  Help Desk assistance is available either as a walk-in service, phone call, or ticketing system:

Public computer labs offering 24/7 access are available year round in Bauman, offering both PC and Mac options, as well as access to printer/photocopier/scanners. IT&S facilitates use of open access computer labs and technology enabled classrooms campus wide, and manages and maintains hardware and software to meet academic program-specific learning objectives. Classroom and lab spaces with a variety of technology-enabled configurations exist throughout the College’s learning environment.

Computing Resources

Guilford features a fully wired and wireless networked campus with connectivity to academic and administrative buildings and residence halls. The campus has fiber-optic connectivity between all buildings within the main campus. Wireless networking is available campus wide. Each of the residence halls and most of the student houses have a data connection per resident and cable TV connection per room. Local phone service is provided and voice-mail service is available upon request. The campus has a high-speed connection to the internet. Computer labs are available to Guilford students and community. Two 24-hour computer labs and three computer classrooms are available in the Bauman Telecommunications Center. Guilford also maintains multimedia and computer classrooms across campus.

Guilford supports both Windows and Macintosh computers. The Guilford website provides up-to-date information on the computer labs and the College standard hardware and software. All computers on the Guilford network have access to network servers managed by IT&S and to high-speed networked printer/photocopier/scanners.

All members of the Guilford community are assigned personal network accounts. By providing technology and network access campus-wide, the College assures that all campus constituents are able to take advantage of the College’s technology-rich environment for teaching, learning, and living. The College recognizes the necessity of providing effective technology and internet access for the educational process and provides this via a robust network system. All buildings are on the campus network, and well-maintained academic and residence hall buildings provide a technology-rich environment for teaching, living, and learning. Multiple ways also exist to access the network from off-campus.

Computer Software

Guilford College is a member of the North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (NCICU). ScholarBuys is NCICU’s official reseller of Microsoft and Adobe products and provides Guilford students opportunities to purchase software at deeply discounted prices. IT&S provides students with a suite of software to help with efficiency, fun, and protection of computers from viruses and spyware. Sophos Antivirus is provided for free to students and is vital as a tool for securing computers that are connected to the Guilford network.

Dell and Apple Computer Purchases

Guilford has special programs with both Dell and Apple to provide students on their personal purchases.