Learning and Writing Center

The LWC welcomes all learners, teaching them to be more effective and engaged scholars. Professional and peer staff members support students’ development of strategies for learning and writing across the curriculum and throughout their lives. The services are designed for all Guilford students, from those who are under-prepared to those doing advanced coursework, developing capstone projects, writing senior theses, and pursuing graduate studies.

Students meet one-on-one with professional and peer tutors to support their academic growth in writing, math, sciences, social sciences, languages, and additional areas of study. Students also participate in group learning sessions for math, sciences, and languages. Additionally, they can engage in learning strategies development through MYCQ 181, workshops, and one-on-one consultations.

LWC offices and study spaces can be found on the second floor of the Hege Academic Commons where students write and study independently or collaboratively, as well as work with tutors. The LWC also provides books, handouts, and other valuable academic success resources, including the departmental website.