Analytics Minor

Natalya Shelkova, Department of Analytics

The minor in Analytics provides graduates with a foundation of data analysis skills that can support a wide variety of careers in corporate and not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, research institutions, and education and health care organizations. Students who will benefit from a minor in Analytics include those majoring in Economics, CTIS, Mathematics, Business, Sports Management, Public Health, any of the natural or social sciences, among others. Those students who are interested in the digital humanities or any field that benefits from the analysis of large sets of data will learn a variety of skills, methods, and analytical tools through completion of the minor.

The minor in Analytics requires the completion of four specified courses, one each in statistics, computer programming, economics, and analytics, and an elective course (20 credits) as listed below. In these courses, students will develop a range of knowledge and skills for developing conceptual and statistical analyses of large-scale problems that can be approached through work with data.

Minor Requirements 

All students in the analytics minor complete the following four requirements.
ECON 222Microeconomic Principles: Public Policy4
CTIS 210Introduction to Computer Programming4
MATH 112Elementary Statistics4
or ECON 312 Econometrics
ECON 328Analytics for Business and Government (ACCT 328 or MATH 328)4
Elective. One course selected from the following:
CTIS 243Management Information Systems (BUS 243)4
CTIS 310Advanced Computer Programming4
CTIS 331Information Design4
MATH 220Calculus I4
MATH 222Calculus II4
MATH 241Scientific Computing4
MATH 310Probability and Statistics4
ECON 311Data Collection & Analysis4
PHIL 241Ethics In a Digital World4
Total credit hours required for analytics minor is 20 credits

 Students interested in the Analytics minor should consult with an advisor to determine the choice of elective courses that best serves their purposes. The minor in Analytics is not available to Analytics majors. With questions about the minor contact Analytics program coordinator Prof.Natalya Shelkova,