Analytics Major

Bachelor of Science in Analytics

The Analytics B.S. degree will allow graduates to pursue careers in a variety of fields requiring data analysis skills and work in companies and not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, research institutions, education and health care organizations. Graduates may also continue graduate education in Analytics and other related fields.

The major requires completion of 12 four-credit courses (48 credits) in which students develop knowledge and skills for conceptual understanding of real-world problems and data reflecting them; data organization and modelling; data analysis and applications; presentation and communication of analyses.

To further develop understanding of conceptual problems faced by organizations, the major requires that students complete a disciplinary minor (or second major).

Total Credit Hours required for B.S. degree in analytics is 48 credits.

Ethical principles4
Ethics In a Digital World
Conceptual data understanding8
Microeconomic Principles: Public Policy
Data Collection & Analysis
Data organization12
Introduction to Computer Programming
Database Systems
Information Design
Management Information Systems (BUS 243)
Data Wrangling
Data modeling8
Elementary Statistics
Scientific Computing
Analytics for Business and Government (ACCT 328 or MATH 328)
Elective (select 1 course)4
Calculus I
Calculus II
Probability and Statistics
Advanced Computer Programming
another course from listed above not used to satisfy the major requirements
Capstone project4
The project can be carried out independent of or within a 400-level course:
MYCQ contribute course
Independent study
Total Credits48