Quaker Studies Minor

Jill Peterfeso, Department of Religious Studies
C. Wess Daniels, William R. Rogers Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies

The Quaker studies minor explores Quaker spirituality in relation to the world. Through study of Quaker history and “social testimonies” (social ethics), it uses the perspective of this world-mending spirituality to reflect on justice issues. As an interdisciplinary exploration it seeks to understand forms of systemic oppression in our time (such as sexism, racism, classicism, militarism, religious imperialism and environmentalism) and how to transform them.

This study will develop several kinds of thinking in speaking, listening and writing: analysis, criticism, imagination, textual interpretation, social problem identification and problem solving, and self-reflective exploration. It will investigate the interrelated subtle aspects of individual selves, characteristics of a religious movement, large but obscured social systems and the student’s own religious and ethical commitments.

Minor Requirements

The minor requires a minimum of 16 credit hours (five courses).

REL 110Quakerism4
REL 295Religious Studies Methods & Theories4
REL 465Theories/Methodology Quaker St4
One course from the following list of courses approved by the Quaker Studies coordinator4
Total Credits16

Note - Religious Studies majors seeking to minor in Quaker Studies must take an additional 300 or 400 level course from the following list that is approved by the Quaker Studies coordinator.

Religious Studies Majors

Select an additional 300 or 400 level course from the following list that is approved by the Quaker Studies coordinator.

Courses Approved by the Quaker Studies Coordinator

Upper level special-topics Quaker Studies course4
PECS 330Nonviolence: Theories and Practice4
HIST 215The Civil Rights Movement4
HIST 308The Underground Railroad4
AFAM/HIST 225African American History (HIST 225)4
REL 120/ENGL 228American Nature Writing (ENGL 228)4
REL 234African American Religion and Theology4
REL 230Comparative Religious Ethics4
REL 222Feminist Theologies4
PHIL 231Philosophy and Sexuality 14
PHIL 232Philosophy and Gender 14
HIST 236Reformation: Luther to Fox (REL 236)4
A different course proposed by the student and subject to the approval of the Quaker Studies coordinator4

Or other courses addressing the normative Quaker testimonies of spirituality, simplicity, integrity, peace, equality and community by permission of the coordinator, or evidence of an internship (credit or non-credit) that provided direct experience with Quaker faith and practice.

Total credit hours required for Quaker studies minor is 16 credits.