Religious Studies Minor

Jill Peterfeso, Department of Religious Studies

Religious studies at Guilford explores the mystery and meaning of our existence as selves in the many aspects of the social and natural world. We seek to nurture wonder, insight, clear and creative thinking, to understand humanity’s destructive ways with others and the environment and to imagine ways of mending the world. We want to open heart and mind to the sacred and the problematic in our world today and historically. The burning issues we address are forms of social oppression and environmental destruction, the nature of the divine and the human condition, the development and practice of religious traditions and the meaning of the religious. We aim to draw forth leadership potential in all students to enable them throughout their lives to be agents of change where they find themselves, overcoming injustice and engendering the fullness of life.

Students work with the department chair or minor advisor to determine a specific focus.

The minor in religious studies is not available to religious studies majors.

Minor Requirements

The minor requires a minimum of 16 credit hours (four courses).

Two REL courses at any level8
One REL course at the 200 level or above4
One REL course at the 300 level or above4
Total Credits16

Total credit hours required for religious studies minor is 16 credits