Sport Management Major

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

The sport management major requires a minimum of 40 credit hours (10 courses).

SPST 130Introduction to Sport Management4
SPST 231Facility Design & Management4
SPST 233
SPST 291Internship Seminar1
SPST 320Organization and Administration of Sport, Exercise and Health Programs4
SPST 334Sports Finance4
SPST 335Sport Communication4
SPST 431Sport Marketing4
SPST 432Legal Aspects of Sport and Exercise4
SPST 445Research Methods in Sport Studies (if student chooses this course they will be required to take SPST 445)4
or SPST 485 Internship in Sport Studies
ACCT 201Introduction to Accounting4
Select one of the following:4
Sociology of Sport & Exercise
HP:History of Sport
Psychology of Sport & Exercise
ECON 221Macroeconomic Principles: “Global Vision: the U.S. in the World Economy”4
or ECON 222 Microeconomic Principles: Public Policy
ENGL 282Journalism4
or BUS 310 Professional Communications
Total Credits49

Total Credit Hours required for B.S. degree in sport management is 53 credits