Explanation of Fees

Student Activity Fee

The student activity fee is charged to all full-time day students and administered by the student government to cover the budget of certain student organizations in which all students may participate or from which they receive benefits.

Admission Deposit

All first-time traditional-age students must pay a $250 admission deposit which is non-refundable and which is applied to the student’s account for the first semester charges

Orientation Fee

The orientation fee of $200 is a one-time, mandatory charge for all entering first-year and transfer students at Guilford College, to provide funding for programming, alcohol education, meals and small group sessions. This fee will be charged to all first-year and transfer students regardless of attendance at the programs.

Injury and Sickness Insurance

Guilford College makes available a Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan with UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company. Details of the policy are subject to change each year. Information on details of coverage is provided during the summer preceding each academic year. The premium for insurance appears as a charge for the first semester. Students or parents must complete the on-line electronic insurance waiver process with UnitedHealthcare at www.srstudentcenter.com. The online waiver petition must be completed and approved between June 25 and Aug. 31 if the insurance coverage is not desired. If the online insurance waiver petition is denied, the charge for student health insurance remains on the student’s account. For further information please contact UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company at 800-237-0903, or fax 727-570-9128 or email SCraven@uhcsr.com.

International Student Insurance

International students attending Guilford College full time are required to carry the basic sickness and accident/major medical coverage for the academic year by a United States based insurance carrier. If not accepting the College’s insurance, proof of coverage with a United States-based insurance carrier must be provided prior to check-in day.

Athletic Insurance is required of all students participating in intercollegiate athletics. The Athletic Department will send information about this coverage.

ID Replacement Charge

If your Guilford College-issued ID has been lost or damaged beyond use, there is a $25 replacement fee. Replacement cards are issued in ITS office Help Desk located on the first floor of the Bauman Communication Center.

Returned Check Charge

Returned checks will be re-deposited one time unless we are notified otherwise. A $25 handling charge will be added to the student’s account each time a check is returned because of insufficient funds or other reasons. This is applicable to all checks written to Guilford College.

Late Fee

A $250 Late Fee is assessed on all accounts with past due balance after the first day of classes each semester. For fall 2021, $250 Late Fee will be assessed after Aug. 31, 2021; for spring 2022, it will be assessed after Jan. 31, 2022.

Room and Board

Guilford College is a residential campus, therefore, all traditional students are required to have an on-campus housing assignment and meal plan unless excluded from the Residential Contract or approved for an off-campus release. If you have not been granted an off-campus release and have not completed a housing application, you will be assigned a room and meal plan and must pay all related charges. Please go to https://www.guilford.edu/life/living-and-eating to review the Residential Contract, complete the application for housing and/or submit an off-campus release application. Any concerns should be directed to the Residential Education and Housing Office at 336-316-2105 or resed@guilford.edu.