Transfer Applications

Qualified students from other accredited and approved colleges and universities are welcome to apply to Guilford. To be considered for admission, a prospective transfer student needs at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average in all college-level academic work submitted for transfer credit. Transfer applications are evaluated according to the same criteria used for first-year applications. The materials necessary to complete an application for transfer are:

  • Transfer application for admission;
  • If the student is transferring in with at least 24 hours of college credit, a transcript from every college from which credit is requested/expected;
  • If the student is transferring fewer than 24 hours of college credit, an official transcript from the high school from which the student graduated or an official copy of a GED score report; results from the ACT or SAT scores earned while in high school are acceptable or a portfolio containing an original one-page essay and a graded paper from high school or the college from which the student proposed to transfer; a transcript from each college from which transfer credit is requested or expected;
  • You may submit an unofficial transcript(s) to the school for initial review.  Upon acceptance to the College by review of your unofficial transcript(s), you are required to submit your official transcript(s) if you have not done so already.  Students who have been admitted with unofficial transcripts must submit all required official transcripts by the end of the second semester.  Students will not be eligible to register for a third semester without the official transcript(s).  Transfer credit evaluations will not be completed until all officials transcripts have been received and reviewed.  
  • Recommendation from the associate dean of students from the last college the student has attended (this form is separate from the application for admission) or other appropriate indicator that the student is leaving in good academic and financial standing;
  • To remain compliant with the North Carolina State Approving Agency each recipient of VA benefits must submit official transcripts from each prior college or university attended along with their official high school/GED transcript.