African & African Am Studies (AFAM)

AFAM 106.  Introduction to African Heritage (SOAN 106).  4.  

Course serves as an introduction to the geographical roots and cultural heritages of the peoples of African ancestry. It will help students to begin to explore and understand the diverse lifestyles, experiences as well as the dispersion, opportunities, challenges and concerns of peoples of African ancestry in the U.S. multicultural setting. Fulfills diversity in the U.S. and social science requirements (1998). Sociocultural engagement and social/ behavioral science requirements (2019).

AFAM 150.  Special Topics.  1-8.  

May also be offered at 250, 350 and 450 levels.

AFAM 225.  African American History (HIST 225).  4.  

Examines major themes such as the African heritage, slavery, emancipation, Reconstruction, migrations, labor, criminal justice, black nationalism, the Civil Rights Movement and current issues. Fulfills humanities and diversity in the U.S. requirements (2019. Arts/humanities and sociocultural engagement requirements (2019).

AFAM 250.  Special Topics.  1-8.  
AFAM 259.  ADHD and African American Children (PSY 259).  4.  

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in African American children is a much-needed area of study. ADHD is one of the most diagnosed childhood behavior disorders. Traditional research has often failed to focus on African American children and youth with this disorder. In this course, we will explore characteristics, diagnosis, research, theories, treatment, and intervention techniques as it relates to African American children with this disorder. It will also address academic and behavioral challenges faced by this population, as well as the role that family, social, economic, and racial factors play in the diagnosis and treatment of this disorder. Fulfills diversity in the U.S. (1998). Sociocultural engagement requirement (2019).

AFAM 260.  Independent Study.  1-8.  

May also be offered at 360 and 460 levels.

AFAM 290.  Internship.  1-8.  

May also be offered at the 390 level.

AFAM 350.  Special Topics.  1-8.  
AFAM 360.  Independent Study.  1-8.  
AFAM 390.  Internship.  1-8.  
AFAM 450.  Special Topics.  1-8.  
AFAM 460.  Independent Study.  1-8.  
AFAM 470.  Senior Thesis.  1-8.  


AFAM 490.  Departmental Honors.  1-8.