General Studies (GST)

GST 101.  Adult Transitions.  4.  

For CE students in their first term at Guilford. The central focus of the course is coming to terms with problems as well as prospects involved in life changes. Reading diversity novels provides a means of working with these adult transitions. The course includes the teaching of academic skills. Fulfills Reflection Seminar 1 (MYCQ 101) requirement.

GST 102.  Study Abroad Orientation.  1-2.  

Required of all students planning to study abroad. CR/NC.

GST 103.  Gateways to Success.  1.  

For CCE students in only their first term at Guilford. The course is designed to help new-to-Guilford CCE students make a successful transition to Guilford, whether they are transfer students or attending college for the first time. The course will introduce students to the Core Values and resources of Guilford as well as documents, staff, College policies and procedures that are essential for academic success. Students will be able to learn and practice skills and study techniques needed for success in college courses.

GST 105.  Quaker Social Testimonies and Spiritual Roots.  2.  

Introductory seminar for Quaker Studies minor.

GST 107.  Introduction to Community Learning.  2.  

Explores complex social issues related to community service. Students volunteer weekly at sites in the Greensboro community and connect their service, academic, and personal development via electronic portfolios. The course also serves as an orientation to the Bonner Scholars program; enrollment is limited to new Bonner Scholars. CR/NC.

GST 110.  Quantitative Literacy.  2.  

This course covers quantitative reasoning and provides a general overview of quantitative methods, applied arithmetic, geometry and graphics, and algebra. Enrollment is limited to students who have not satisfied the quantitative literacy requirement. CR/NC. Fulfills quantitative literacy requirement.

GST 120.  Learning Strategies.  1.  

This course will focus on such topics as grade-point-average management, time management, learning style inventories, evaluation of learning skills and reading skills, staging the writing process, effective and efficient ways to memorize, taking notes, studying for tests and taking responsibility for one's own education.

GST 121.  Mentor Program.  1.  

This course assists first-year and transfer students in their adjustment to college life and provides each with a mentor for the first semester. Topics include, among others: management of time and stress, building relationships, preparing for exams, diversity, and selecting a major. CR/NC.

GST 125.  Leadership Seminar.  2.  

A preparatory program for all student leaders. Students will explore different definitions and styles of leadership, diversity, and basic helping/communication skills and apply these concepts to future leadership roles. CR/NC.

GST 130.  Introduction to Leadership for Social Change.  1.  

Open to first- and second-year students. Focuses on assessing, defining, and understanding ourselves as potential change agents. Students will create an electronic portfolio to serve as a planning and reflection tool for their Guilford journey. CR/NC.

GST 150.  Special Topics.  17.  

May also be offered at the 250, 350 and 450 levels.

GST 200.  Leadership Issues in Working for Change.  1.  

Open to sophomores, juniors, or seniors completing a two-four credit internship for academic credit. Using their internship experiences as a focus, students explore models of effective leadership and issues of change in organizations. CR/NC.

GST 201.  Teaching and Learning in the Classroom.  1.  

The purpose of this class is to educate Peer Educators in the FYE classroom about the mechanics of course content, engaged teaching and learning, peer leadership, and the transitions first-year students experience. GST 201 is available only for students accepted into the Peer Educator Program.

Prerequiste: Instructor permission.
GST 225.  Renaissance People.  1.  

This course meets six times each semester. It is intended to convene those interested in medieval studies or Renaissance studies in general, or in the Medieval/Early Modern Studies Concentration specifically. Various topics, usually featuring important people from the period, are discussed by a number of different faculty members and others.

GST 250.  Special Topics.  17.  
GST 253.  Reflection and Journaling.  1.  

This experiential course looks at the how and why questions of journal writing and reflection and will provide students with practical ways for developing reflection and journaling into lifelong practices. A variety of techniques will be explored through weekly reflection and journaling assignments. CR/NC.

GST 254.  Let Your Life Speak.  1.  

This experiential course is designed to assist students in identifying their sense of passion and purpose related to career and vocation. Students will gain a deeper understanding and awareness of their own inner and outer motivations and obstacles in exploring future personal and professional options. Weekly assignments include self-reflection, journaling and class discussion. CR/NC.

GST 255.  Career and Life Planning.  1.  

Examines career development through the life span, specifically focusing on the period of time between the beginning of college and entry into the work force. Through a variety of learning approaches, students will actively facilitate their own and their classmates’ career development. CR/NC.

GST 256.  Re-Careering: From Career to College to Career.  2.  

Targeted to CCE students, this course addresses career development from the perspective of students who bring a work history to the classroom. The course will explore through discussion and role play such subjects as downsizing, family/career life balancing, economic trends, relocation and the electronic job search.

GST 260.  Independent Study.  1-8.  

May also be offered at 360 and 460 levels.

GST 290.  Internship.  1-8.  

May also be offered at the 390 level.

GST 350.  Special Topics.  1-8.  
GST 360.  Independent Study.  1-8.  
GST 390.  Internship.  1-8.  
GST 400.  Leadership for Social Change Seminar.  1.  

Open to seniors. Focuses on integrating experiential and academic learning and preparing for the transition to the professional world. Students prepare a showcase portfolio to use in their job searches. Each student designs a culminating experience based on their needs and interests. CR/NC.

GST 405.  Quaker Faith and Practice.  2.  

The capstone for the Quaker Studies minor, this course serves as an overview of Friends' history and theology, with each year's class focusing on a particular issue of current Quaker concern.

Prerequiste: GST 105 or instructor permission.
GST 450.  Special Topics.  1-16.  
GST 460.  Independent Study.  1-8.  
GST 470.  Senior Thesis.  1-8.