Master of Science in International Sport Management (MISM)

MISM 510.  Strategic Planning and Problem Solving in Sport.  4.  

An examination of best practices in the strategic planning process and how this structure is critical to organizational problem solving. Strategies for developing operational goals, prioritizing resources, developing objectives and assessing the success of various initiatives will be examined through the perspectives of the best organizational leaders in sport.

MISM 520.  Sociology and Sport.  4.  

The relationship of sport to global politics, social activism, nationalism, diversity and policy (both domestically and internationally) will be explored, as well as an analysis and examination of the cultural norms and expectations for sport leaders who work abroad.

MISM 530.  Internal Operations in Sport.  4.  

An extensive examination of the critical internal operations within sport organizations. From human resource management, compliance, facility design, program development, resource allocation and business operations, this course will give students insight into the practical and theoretical knowledge needed to provide sound operational and fiscal leadership.

MISM 540.  External Operations in Sport.  4.  

A comprehensive look at the operational functions that define external operations in sport ventures. Areas of focus will include communications, marketing, branding, fundraising, corporate sales, public relations, analytics, ticket sales, new media, e-sports and e-commerce.

MISM 550.  International Perspectives on Sport Management.  4.  

This case study intensive course will explore the burgeoning international sport market, providing an opportunity to better understand the challenges and opportunities that define recent trends in the market.

MISM 560.  Leadership Principles and Perspectives for Sport.  4.  

A thorough examination of both the theoretical and practical aspects of sports leadership, examining the skills, experience, competencies and characteristics of the best leaders. Creating strategic plans, providing aspirational vision, developing emotional intelligence and learning to navigate change will be particularly important objectives for students in this course.

MISM 570.  International Model of Sport.  4.  

This study abroad course will allow for the investigation and analysis of various sport models, with opportunities to network with international sport leaders and learn their particular leadership styles and philosophies. Daily journals and a hands-on, practical project will highlight this experiential practicum.

MISM 580.  MISM Capstone Project.  4.  

The ISM?s culminating experience will match students with an existing company and provide them with a real-world, problem-solving project. This team-oriented project will combine students into small groups to accomplish the assigned task.