Public Health (PBH)

PBH 100.  Introduction to Public Health.  4.  
PBH 200.  Epidemiology.  4.  
PBH 250.  Special Topics.  1-8.  
PBH 290.  Internship.  1-4.  
PBH 291.  Sci Inq: Intro Rsrch Comm Hlth.  4.  
PBH 292.  Scientific Inquiry: Introduction to Research in Community Health Issues (BIOL 292).  4.  

This course embraces multiple aspects of community-based, interdisciplinary research. Prior to beginning research projects, students will learn about the changing demographics of Guilford County including refugees and underserved populations. They will also receive training in anti-racism and cultural competency to prepare students for working with community members. Through community outreach efforts, students will be involved in the formation and implementation of focus groups and community events to build trusting relationships with community members as well as to identify and assess community needs. Students will work with faculty and student leaders to design, implement and evaluate a community-based research project. Projects will address current community concerns ranging from access to health care to medical and nutritional needs. This instruction will help in the promotion of effective, focused research and will prepare students for developing sustainable relationships with the targeted community

PBH 300.  Global Health.  3,4.  
PBH 350.  Special Topics.  1-8.  
PBH 390.  Internship.  1-8.  
PBH 490.  Internship.  1-8.