Community Studies Minor

Hollyce “Sherry” Giles, Department of Justice and Policy Studies

This new field of study and practice arises from a pervasive sense of disconnection and isolation that has become widespread in American culture. Focusing on building community, the field understands our society’s institutions as on a path of systematically undermining respectful and authentic relatedness among citizens. It also sees this path as the source of many growing pathologies, including individual and systematic prejudice and discrimination and many forms of violence.

Currently, the need for community-building has begun to gain the attention and imagination of many inside and outside the academy. As new disciplines emerge and diverse technological and other forms of expertise expand, we are becoming aware that we still lack the ability to build sustainable systems that enable our endeavors to thrive.

The minor in community studies is not available to community and justice studies majors.

Minor Requirements

The minor requires a minimum of 16 credit hours (four courses).

Community Problem Solving
Community Building and Organizing
Understanding Oppressive Sys
Select one of the following:4
Trust & Violence
Class, Race and Gender
Social Change: Promoting Peace
Total Credits4

Total credit hours required for community studies minor is 16 credits