Interpersonal Communication

Hollyce “Sherry” Giles, Department of Justice and Policy Studies

In an increasingly complex and socially diverse world, individuals need to be able to communicate effectively and to develop and maintain strong personal relationships with people close to them and from very different backgrounds. This interdisciplinary minor engages students in examining interpersonal communication in order to understand communication processes and styles and the subtle ways cultural differences enhance or inhibit relationships. Courses in the minor explore both intrapersonal communication (internal mental and emotional processes that shape selection and interpretation of communication) and interpersonal communication (the process through which individuals interact, build relationships and create meaning). Students study conflict and ways in which it can be managed and transformed to enhance relationships. The influence and importance of understanding cultural differences and their impact on interpersonal communications is examined throughout the minor.

The minor would be of special interest to adults seeking to communicate more effectively with family members, friends and intimate partners. Courses in the minor feature highly interactive and experiential activities in the classroom and local community that integrate and apply communications theory to authentic personal relationships.

Minor Requirements

The minor requires a minimum of 16 credit hours (four courses).

JPS/PSY 270Interpersonal Communications (PSY 270)4
JPS 236Conflict Transformation for Peacebuilding and Justice (PECS 236)4
JPS 323Diversity at Work4
JPS 4374
Total Credits16

Total credit hours required for interpersonal communication minor is 16 credits

Note: This minor will be offered only in the evening schedule for CE students.