Criminal Justice Major

Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice

The major requires a minimum of 40 credit hours (10 courses).

Inquiry into Criminal Justice
Ethics & Profs. in CJ
Criminological Theory
Research Methods
CJ Capstone Seminar
Criminal Procedure
Criminal Law
Law Enforcement and Police Roles
Punishment and Corrections
Courts and the Judicial Process
Fundamentals of Cyber Security (CTIS 221)
Conflict Transformation for Peacebuilding and Justice (PECS 236)
Special Topics (In Justice and Policy Studies)
Research Problems/Independent Study
Restorative Justice
Prisons in US and Norway (Study Away Course)
Interpersonal Communications (PSY 270)
Select three JPS 300- level courses12
Criminal Justice Policy and Practice
Juvenile Justice & Delinquency
Public Management and Organizational Theory
Police & Communities
Wrongful Convictions
Capital Punishment
Family Violence
Trial Advocacy
Police Brutality & Culture
Criminal Investigation
Understanding Oppressive Sys
Special Topics (In Justice and Policy Studies)
Independent Study (In Justice and Policy Studies)
Special Topics (In Justice and Policy Studies)
Race, Society and Criminal Justice
Total Credits12

Total credit hours required for B.S. degree in criminal justice is 44 credits.